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Near Round 10-11 mm High Luster Natural freshwater pearl necklace


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Please note:  Almost all natural freshwater pearls have defects. Flawless pearls only account for about 1% of the annual output. We select 10% high-quality and cost-effective pearls. Each pearl is NEAR round white, high Luster and features a faint to pink blush of color over the white body color of the pearl, and there are slight defects (As shown in this picture). Such defects can only be seen through careful inspection, Social distance shows no flaws, Please make sure this meets your expectations before placing an order.

**All our products are supplied directly from the origin. It takes about 15 days to ship to the United States. If you buy as a gifts and have time limit, please reserve at least 20 days!

“What Pearl Size Should I Buy?”

[Perfect Gift] Will come in a gift box, A great gift to express your love for your mother, girlfriend, fiancee, wife, valentine, family or just a friend, etc. Great gifts on Mother’s Day, Wedding, Anniversary day, Valentine’s Day or Christmas Day. Pearls are a necessity for everyone’s jewelry collection.

*The 7.0-8.0mm size range is basically “The Classic Pearl Necklace”, you really can’t go wrong here. This size is very elegant and looks great whether you’re at the office, shopping at the store, going out to dinner, special occasions, basically this size goes anywhere and everywhere.

*The 8.0-9.0mm pearl size range is the beginning of luxury pearl territory. These pearls will have a nice “heft” to them, and look a tad larger than average for an elegant and glamorous presentation. It is most commonly worn by women 30 years old and up.

*The 9.0-10.0mm pearl size range is luxurious in both presentation and feel. A perfectly matched necklace of 9.0-10.0mm pearls is a visually stunning strand of pearls that commands attention, yet can still be worn to both day and evening events.

*Freshwater pearls will be fairly uniform in shape and size, graduating from 10.0-11.0mm,These larger pearl sizes are very luxurious and very glamorous!

Product Name 10-11mm Near Real high Luster freshwater round pearl necklace
Pearl Shape/color Near Round Pearl Shape,  white
Pearl Size/length 10-11mm, Necklace length 45cm (17.7 inch)
Pearl Grade AAA  good grade

Real product and packaging pictures:

Size Per Pearl



45cm(17.7 inch)

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